Kydex holsters glock 19

A Glock 19 is one of the reliable and powerful weapons that a gun user can get. A user would need an equally well-crafted and robust holster for the gun. One of the best holsters is the Kydex holsters Glock 19. It would assist a gun user to conceal their weapon effectively. It also allows for easy withdrawal of the gun when it’s needed. Some of the main things you need to know about the Kydex holsters Glock 19 include:

– Lightweight. The holster is very light hence a user can always carry it around. Its made from a thin material which ensures it can be hidden well in different clothes.

– Multiple positions to carry. The holster is not designed to fit on one location only. You can carry it on any place you feel its okay.

– Adjustable cant and ride. A user can adjust the holster for appropriate flexibility when carrying the Glock 19.

– Sweat guard. The holster is manufactured with a sweat guard. It ensures there is minimal sweating when it’s in contact with your body.

– Adjustable tension. You can adjust the holster’s tension hence quick withdrawal when you need your weapon. The right tension ensures your gun is safely secured.

– Design. The holster design is appropriately machined to fit your weapon appropriately. You can fix it on your belt for gripping and security.

– Kydex material. The material used is sturdy to give the gun a hard storage place. The material can last for long.

What are some of the reasons you would need this holster?
Different holsters have different merits. For the Kydex holsters Glock 19, some of the reasons include:

– The trigger region is well covered for maximum safety.

– Sweat guard to keep your weapon dry. Sweat would also corrode your gun over time.

– You can adjust the carrying angle as much as you need to.

– The retention lock produces an audible sound when the Glock 19 is well holstered.